Our mission is trade in and distribute physical oil energy products and other commodities sourced from producers ensuring timely, efficient and effective delivery to consumers at their entire satisfaction always focused on cost savings for our clients. In support we operate a growing portfolio of products such as to provide financing, logistics, and transportation services.

Our organization is strongly based on values, always maintaining and ensuring Code of Ethics and Conduct, all supported by our human resource and commitment to our principles. We embrace innovation and have created a culture of compliance, teamwork and integration. 

Helios Petroleum Services management team is responsible for fostering and maintaining this strong culture throughout the company and works collectively and continually as a governing body to do this. Conducting our business with integrity and high ethical standards, and fostering an environment of mutual respect for all employees is imperative to our continued success.

Our development is founded on organic growth and expansion. Central to this, we actively seek to invest in partnerships with customers, commodity producers and service providers